Why use Laundry Line-up

We are FREE service

Up to three, no obligation, free quotes


Save time searching the web and ringing around to see who can supply you and let us find linen suppliers for you


Comparing laundry suppliers from a Line-up of compliant linen services, will always ensure you get a good deal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use the service?

Its FREE to use the service. We will find up to three suppliers and all you need to do it review and choose your favourite laundry supplier.

How do I know if the Laundry can deliver what I need to my location?

Each laundry and uniform supplier are required to tell us what locations, industries, and products that they can supply. We review your specific requirements and match that against up to three suppliers that can partner with you. 

What does a compliant laundry service mean?

Compliant Laundry and Garment services mean that they comply with the AS 4146 Laundry Standards. This is a minimum requirement for any Laundry or Garment service we work with. Further information on the standard can be reviewed at AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry practice (saiglobal.com).

Do I have to go ahead with one of the quotes?

All quotes provided are FREE and you are not obligated to proceed with any of the suppliers.

Can I contact the commercial laundry directly to discuss my quote?

Yes, as soon as the laundry send you a quote, they will provide their contact details so you can deal directly with them.

Why use Laundry Line-up?

One site, up to three quotes, saving you TIME and MONEY! Many businesses search the internet for laundry and uniform suppliers to assist them, contacting each one at a time only to find they can’t supply the products needed or don’t service that location. We take this time consuming and frustrating process away by providing a quick and easy service so that you can focus on your core business.

We have an inhouse laundry. How can I assess the cost of producing laundry onsite?

A calculator for assessing the approximate cost of producing laundry onsite can be found on the Laundry Association Australia site: 
Real cost of an on-site laundry (On Premise Laundry) Calculators — Laundry Association Australia